Welcome to our new blog

Here you will find all of our updates that we perform to the site. Unblock Tunnel helps you unblock youtube anywhere. ( You can visit unblock tunnel here: https://www.unblocktunnel.com ) This means that even if where you are happens to have YouTube banned, you can hop on our site and access it like you normally would!

We are everywhere! Find us on Tumblr and also on Weebly! For social media you will find us on Facebook and Twitter! But all of the official stuff is at edublogs. No where else will you find all of our official properties! We take great pride in offering the best free proxy service we can. For his very reason we want you to support us all over the web via social media. Tell your friends and family about our proxies!

Free proxy sites started growing in popularity in the early 2000s. There became big when kids at school finally figured out a way to access sites that were block by web filters. People at work were also stoked to find an easy way to access blocked sites. More often that not work computers are restricted from installing applications. This severely limits what you can and cant do. For this very reason, these sites are very popular since you don’t have to install anything. You just access a site and enter your url and you are in!

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